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2 Ha-Shfela St
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District




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A Great light may often shatter into small and fragile particles.
Walls that are built in the course of a lifetime, collapse into themselves, but basked in this light you can find a moment of quiet.
Heartbeat slowed and accelerated and irregular generate inner turmoil, as a darkening of the sky, and the silence of the sun just as it leaves.
Loss of self-control and posture.
Out of this sentiment began an examination of fracture of stability, the failure to control the whole.
Examining the gap, the breakdown and the beauty of the fracture.
“Table” - the primal association of stability.
A table consists of a surface and four legs, sure and strong. Archetype. No mistakes, no falls, no questions.
100 tons of iron.
I found myself observing different behaviours of foot holdings. 
Stretching the thin line that separates and differentiates stability and fragilness.
Like a man looking down from high altitude, balance and body movement struggles to stand on the edge.
Odds and ends of glass residues became a one stem flower vessel. Showing how out of debris and movement there comes a growth.
liquid material formed into an amorphous structure distorted by the grasping of a brass rod.
This exhibition translates psychological mood and feelings into form and substance behaviours. from practicalproduct, to sculptural objects that correspond with the original, but not necessarily loyal to it.

These are not objects, they are not my handwork.
These do not come to ask for mercy, not thank you, not to remind, not to anger, not to force.
These are the acts of my heart, who chooses to depict reality in all its fragility

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