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2 Ha-Shfela St
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District



The term denotes a sense of strain, caused by imbalance, which in turn is a result of an external stimulus – tangible and physical, or psychological, or a complex dense internal process. 
Physiological damage to the digestive system, high blood pressure, and suppression of the immune system can be caused by fear and anxiety.  The stimulus creating stress can be real, at the same time might only exist in a person's mind and consciousness.
It is perceived as a threat or danger to the person's physical and mental wholeness. 
And me, I am at the taut boundary between myself and I, between myself and the world. Feeling the light, watching its implications, its expression, its role, and its existential, infinite, quotidian presence inside of me. 
The materials as well, reaching their boundaries, a meeting of two different forms that must adjust to each other; testing their levels of endurance by stretching them, examining the physical encounter between them.  One is tough and elastic, the other hard and brittle, the fluid inflated manually through the brass rod.
Each lamp stands alone, different from its predecessor.
There are no casts, no generalizations, no definitions.
The glass cools while the brass Smolders.
The temperature difference under such pressure generates an absence of control, edging the limit of expansion. 
Not too much, not too little, trying to find the right balance.
Does it exist in such a situation?
Matter pours into an amorphic mold as it melts, part form, part body, part myself. In my search for balance, I succeed in one try out of three.  One that holds and not explodes,  doesn't break from too much pressure, strain, time. everything really. 
One where the molecular makeup of each part will hold its own within the joint object.
And still the different particles affect each other significantly and together make up one homogenous unit, which cannot be separated, and is not held together by any other external factor.

A true composite.
With no external influences


All Photos by Itay Benit