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2 Ha-Shfela St
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District


8X12 Emotional Lab


I remember myself as a child standing in front of architectural models, structures, some more interesting than others, of tiny people full of dreams. A ray of Light sunk into one of the rooms in the building and I stare in amazement pining to go into the inner rooms of those little people full of optimism.
Later I received a gift of these small figures from a visit to Berlin. Those people full of charm, so lonely . white. frozen in motion. Froze their thoughts, feelings, froze their hearts, carrying a whole life story. in my head i compose their story.
Over the years I began to write poetry and found it interesting to connect it to those silentcharacters, turning imagination into reality. Freezing a moment of life.
Decoding a text and producing three-dimensional illustrations of emotion in a a laboratory type environment examining everyday situations both emotionally and intellectually.
Some of the objects in the exhibition interpret text and some present the everyday reality surrounding us as it is.
Apart from my texts, I also asked the audience, through social networks, to share with me their writing (not easy in itself). noting that I'm going to explore formal, structural and narrative texts as i see fit.
I opened a miniature Lab and started almost meditatively a research from which three-dimensional scenes were created.
These scenes are placed on a permanent module of the wooden plaquespainted white sized 8 by 12 cm.
Twenty-five writers shared with me their personal and private writings and five of my own texts.
I've created over 100frozen scenes and one long boulevard 2.40m long containing a sequence of moments.
Along with all these objects, there will be a booklet designed by Dana Zelig of the poems and texts of all those artists who shared with me their writing and were open enough to my visual translation.

This project is unique, touching, both in its appearance, and in the fineness of the details infinitely unfolding.
The exhibition space has been carefully chosen, one of the important issues for me was the dialogue between the noise and hum of the outside, with the silence the objects produce. Freezing the moment carries within white noise, verging on the edge of vacuum in the ears and eyes wide open.

I found it necessary to create a contrast between the exhibition space and the space that surrounds it. The quiet noise. Between the bustling isolation.  between observing to absorbing.